Samsung Galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy s9: Samsung mobile (United States)

I think the best way to describe Samsung Galaxy s9 is its a nearly perfect Samsung phone. so what I mean by that is is if you have liked Samsung phones in the past or you have an old Samsung phone. you like what they do with the software with the great cameras with awesome design with their build. then this is the best and most complete version of that they have ever made. conversely, if you already don’t like Samsung phones like if slow Android update isn’t your phone. you just don’t like what they do with the skin then this isn’t going to you to change your mind. so it is a nearly perfect Samsung phone. So last year Galaxy s8 had the infinity display this year again Galaxy s9 has one of the absolute best displays in any smartphone. sandwich between even slightly thinner top and bottom vessels and last time. they’ve even done a slightly better job hiding the sensor and things in the top places so the black looks more seamless and that your piece also now doubles as a second speakerphone facing speakers.

Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s9

so you kind of has a beat of a scenario speaker thing going on here. is not a poet the same obviously as to beak dedicated front-facing speakers. at least now it’s a bit louder and clear. If you accidentally block the bottom speaker which can happen you don’t completely miss what’s going on. So it’s better last year you also had USBC and wireless charging fast charging all that. That is also all steel here USB, fast charging, wireless charging, a headphone jack, water resistance is great click buttons and just overall a+ build quality. It’s steel glass which means you are still gonna get smudges. So if you want to pick up a D brand skin in this new black camo might not make your phone invisible. you will make all the smudges and sketches disappear and then the biggest change on the outside has to be obviously the fingerprint reader placement.

Samsung Galaxy s9 full specification:

Price: $720

Display(resolution): 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm (5.81 x 2.70 x 0.33 in)

Rear Camera: 12 MP, f/1.5-2.4, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, OIS, dual pixel PDAF

Front camera: 8 MP, f/1.7, 25mm (wide), 1/3.6″, 1.22µm, AF

CPU: Octa-core (4×2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55) – EMEA

Octa-core (4×2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4×1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver) – USA/LATAM, China


Storage: 64/128/256 GB

microSD: microSD, up to 512 GB (uses SIM 2 slot) – dual SIM model only

Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery (11.55 Wh).

Colors: Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Titanium Gray, Lilac Purple, Burgundy Red, Sunrise Gold

Weight: 163 g (5.75 oz)

other feathers: – Samsung DeX (desktop experience support)

                               – Fast battery charging (Quick Charge 2.0)

                               – Qi/PMA wireless charging (market dependent)

                               – ANT+ support

                               – Bixby natural language commands.

                               – MP4/DivX/XviD/H.265 player

                               – MP3/WAV/eAAC+/FLAC player

                               – Photo/video editor

                               – Document editor

Samsung Galaxy s9 Battery life

Battery life I think is the biggest weakness of these new phones the s9 and s9 plus. It’s not terrible but among all the other great things about these phones, the battery life is definitely not great. so I spend most of my time with the s9 plus which has bigger skin but also bigger battery thirty-five hundred million powers. it will be dead by the end of the day and most of my heavy use this with a lot of navigations a lot of music playing a lot of screen on time watching videos and scroll media that would be enough to kill this phone in a single day. I don’t even do that much mobile giving. if I worth that would kill it to the upside of that as it always is with Samsung is first charging and wireless charging. 8 charges really first with the right charger. One of the books of course or one of several other USBC charges like the MacBook Pro charger. it can be kind of sticky the dash charger. for example, didn’t work if you are curious but being able to top up really quickly during the day. For me, I have said this before it does offset. the slightly weak battery in this phone has it would be great if it had a better battery but for me, that’s good enough depends on who you are?

Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s9


The biggest most reimagined new change in this phone that would be the camera. Let’s break that down so there’s a new 12-megapixel camera on them and you get the s9 plus. it gets the second telephoto camera as well and it’s the first modern smartphone with variable aperture camera. It can physically switch between f 1.5 and f 2.4 depending on your lighting. So it defaults to f 2.4  which is roughly average for the smartphone cameras actually and that’s for your sharp normal daylight photos most of the time. when you do get low light under 100 lux that’s when it’s gonna switch to wide-open f 1.5. technically speaking the mechanism to do this is really impressive but it only matters if you see the difference in photos. So does it make a difference? so alright generally photos from the Galaxy s9 camera are pretty damn good. photos are a little bit less over-processed and a little less over Sharpened. then they used to be but it clearly steals the Samsung look you are used to with the bright vibrant colors dynamic Orange. I would say it the most noticeable improvement but that’s something they have actively work on. So it’s good to see something you will notice looking do all of this though is Samsung’s tendency to overexpose.still pretty much every photo I take on the Galaxy s9 in auto mode is just a little bit too bright. it’s just a little bit but then it can also be a shot of advantages when you take it too low light Galaxy s9 low light photos look pretty good.

Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s9


I did mention that seems like s9 plus will have a pretty big advantage over the regular Galaxy s9 because you are getting now more ram more screen more battery and more cameras. so turns out most of this isn’t actually the big of till in the more ram department. yes, Galaxy s9 plus has 6 gigabytes of RAM file the regular f9 has four gigabytes of ram. Both are plenty hardly every corner notice the difference in regular everyday use it could be nice for future-proofing. now the s9 plus obviously has the best second telephoto camera for v focus and for the optical zoom sometimes main our main not ever use that. if you do obviously go that s9 plus but you might not miss that and then, of course. the size difference means your 5.8-inch display vs 6.2 inches and then your 3000 to 3500 milliampere battery again both of which are somewhat mediocre. So not a huge difference between them so it is a toss-up. if you are choosing between them. I think the biggest thing I got out this Galaxy s9 plus existing now. at this price point is there is way less reason to buy a Galaxy Note 8 right now. note 8 is really all about the stylish and comes at about a thousand bucks. I would definitely pick the s9 plus over that because of the lower price.

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Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s9


Now talk to the sensors and that makes a huge difference even more than people are giving it credit for its perfect now its raised slightly. So it’s easy to know when you are fingers on it when you are not looking at it and registering your fingerprint is now just a slow swipe like you. row your finger down the scanner once which is actually really cool. I thought it was a glitch is really your kind of you know you have to press on the fingerprint reader. a whole bunch of times to enroll your finger but during this phone setup you just roll your finger down at it once and it’s a hundred percent done. That is awesome and then they’re also now on the back of this phone a blood pressure sensor in addition to the heart rate monitor. So the heart rate monitor is not new. We have had that for a while you can measure your heart rate that speaks. The blood pressure sensor usually you have not been able to do that with anything other than like the rabbit. the tortoise in the doctor’s office to actually get that reading in that number. I wasn’t able to get that reading with s health or any of the health apps on my phone. Last yours Galaxy s8 also had top-notch specs came out s9 hair tips that up and bumps it up to again for 2018 Snapdragon 845 and 46 gigs of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s9

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